Golf Shoe Reviews – What Asics Golf Shoes Are The Best?

Buying the right Asics golf shoes is a great way to enjoying some tee-time with the boys. Every golfer knows it’s a big deal when it comes to selecting golfing kicks, because the slightest mistake in choice can land you hours of wincing from hole to hole. To avoid this, make the best selection in the market and here are a few tips to get you started. Keep in mind, that you need to read some Golf Shoe Reviews before you start shopping. Continue reading »

Adidas Golf Shoes – Think About The Possibilities

Golfing back in the days was all about sacrificing comfort to get the best out of the course. However, those days of blistered feet are over with the new range of Adidas golf shoes designed for the 21st century golfer. Adidas is borrowing heavily from other sports categories (like soccer and wrestling) to create high-end kicks with stability and comfort. Therefore, you have lots of variety in today’s sportswear market and a few purchase tips will go a long way in helping you pick the best golfing shoes. Webpages like this have the best golf shoe reviews and are very helpful in selecting a high quality model. This article will help you as well.  Continue reading »

Chromax Golf Balls: What You Need To Know

So you may ask what golf ball is the best to use for both amateur and professional golfers. Chromax golf balls have proven to be one of the best golf balls to use in the field. Aside from the visibility on all light conditions, it comes in different colors to choose from.

Chromax Golf Balls ( are considered to be the easiest golf ball to use during a game and most golfers prefer it over the conventional golf balls due to the capacity of its main core and its ability to reflect light from whatever source there is. Another reason is that it is made with care using only the best materials which ensures that the golf ball you have is durable and of top quality. Continue reading »