Forward Thinking Use of a Personal Storage Locker in Singapore

It was an action movie and a coworker who lost things in a fire that got me to rent personal storage in Singapore. I do not have any relatives here on the island. It is just me and my work. If something happened, I would have to rent a hotel room or stay on the street until insurance paid for losses. I was thinking about this after a coworker had a fire in his apartment. He lost all of his personal goods. Sure, his insurance ended up covering the monetary part of the losses, but he lived in his parents house for two months before his apartment was restored.

I decided to rent a storage locker from a place that offers personal storage in Singapore to hold some items of necessity and value. The storage is indoors so I do not have to worry about temperature extremes. I saw a movie where the action hero rented a storage locker to hold items he needed for survival if his home got compromised. Now I had no need to store the stuff he did, but I did keep a little cash in the storage locker. Enough for temporary lodging, travel, food or other things. Having some things stored away from home was a good idea. Any sort of natural disaster, fire, theft or other thing could occur at my apartment. Having some stuff somewhere else gave me peace of mind.

I kept full sets of clothing, some medicine I take for a chronic condition and even some food and water. I rotate out the medicine before it expires, and it stays at room temperature in the storage locker. I also stored items that were just taking up space in my apartment but were things I did not want to throw out. I picked a place to store things a few miles away from my apartment. I could get there by walking if I had to during any sort of disaster, but it was not too close as to be affected by whatever would hit my apartment. Since my friend only had the clothes on his back and the money in his wallet when his place burned, I wanted to have backup items stored in a readily accessible place.

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Title: Forward Thinking Use of a Personal Storage Locker in Singapore
Date Posted: February 20, 2015
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