Golf Shoe Reviews – What Asics Golf Shoes Are The Best?

Buying the right Asics golf shoes is a great way to enjoying some tee-time with the boys. Every golfer knows it’s a big deal when it comes to selecting golfing kicks, because the slightest mistake in choice can land you hours of wincing from hole to hole. To avoid this, make the best selection in the market and here are a few tips to get you started. Keep in mind, that you need to read some Golf Shoe Reviews before you start shopping.

Never ever compromise on comfort. The average golfer can clock 5miles in an hour swinging from hole to hole. In this entire session you will need golfing shoes that feel tight and secure on your foot while leaving room to wiggle the toes. If you like those thick golfer socks to keep warm on a cold golfing day at the course, have them on when fitting your new shoe; golf shoes can be comfortable on a light pair of socks but pinch when wearing thick ones.

Waterproof Shoes
The best golfing shoes will protect your feet from wet puddles on the course. Leather is voted to be the golfer’s ideal water resistant material when buying golf kicks. Pure leather may be a bit pricy in the market but consider that an advantage over having wet feet at the course. Alternatively, why not wait until discount sales season and get the same leather golf shoes for a cheaper price.

Spikes VS Spikeless Golf Shoes
The choice here depends on your own preference and to some extend the kind of course you are playing in. Spiked Asics golf shoes are best for wet seasons or when playing on hilly sides of the golf course. Spikes keep your feet on the ground and help avoid clumsy slips. As a golfer you know one slight slip could cost you a tournament.

On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes are a good choice if you are teeing on a non-sloppy course, and a rain free day. Spikeless golfer kicks have some weight sliced off thus feel lightweight on the feet. On top of that, the soles are more flexible without the spikes thus feel comfortable to walk around.

The Style
Every golfer has their own signature look on the course. Every style taste is unique and it is always good to go with what suits and defines you. Generally there are two common styles in Asics golf shoes in the market; those with the old all leather conventional look and the new athletics style golf shoes. Your preference determines the choice; if you want to feel like Jack Nicklaus on the course, go with the traditional look; otherwise 21st century pro golfers like Tiger Woods are all going for athletic style shoes.

Shoe Size
Consider the foot length when selecting your choice golfing shoes. In common cases one foot is always bigger than the other, always use the longer foot. Additionally, you will need to do a bit of math when buying online. A size 8 golf shoe in North America could be the equivalent of a different size in Europe. Depending on your region, get the sizes right to avoid getting the wrong size.

Golf is the gentleman’s game-part of looking and feeling gentlemanly is wearing golfing kicks that suit you. Use the above tips to help your decision making when buying Asics golf shoes.

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