Helping Them Pass the Test

The Parent Teacher Association at the local school decided to make study packages for all of the high school students that would be taking an important standardized test. The test is required for the students to graduate, so it is imperative that the students do well on it. The PTA decided to package various foods items that the students could eat while they study. Some were made by the local parents, while others were bought. The school rented a VFFS machine to seal the food items and then boxed them and handed them out to the students after school.

My oldest daughter had to take the test this year, and she was feeling nervous about it. Thinking back to when I had to take the test in school, the test wasn’t hard, but the preparation we did for it made it seem as if it was a hard test. All of the students had many ideas about what kinds of questions would be thrown at us, and we didn’t know if we would even past the test. Once we got our hands on the test, it was just basic questions from information that we learned over many years of schooling.

I had a talk with my daughter and told her about my test taking experience. I assured her that she didn’t have anything to worry about and that the test wouldn’t ask you about anything that you didn’t already learn in school. She calmed down a bit and continued to study. On the week of the test, she went in with a level head and before she knew it, the test period was over. She said the test was one of the easiest tests she had ever taken, and that the SAT, ACT, and AP exams were bigger test taking challenges.

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Title: Helping Them Pass the Test
Date Posted: November 28, 2015
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