I Finally Have Jeans That Look Nice

I used to get so frustrated with trying on womens plus size trousers because I could never find any that fit me good. I finally discovered why not that long ago. A good friend of mine told me that i was settling for clothes that are not quality. I thought that name brand clothes were mainly for skinny girls, so I was surprised when she showed me a site that has the same brand names that she wears, but in sizes that are for people like me. I have always wanted to wear clothes like her, but I had been too embarrassed over my weight to even think it was possible.

Thankfully, she is the type of friend who will tell me when I don’t look my best, and that is how we got into this discussion about fashion. She told me that she always thought I just wanted to wear jogging pants and baggy jeans so she never said anything before. Since she did tell me and show me that site, I was able to see that plus size women do not have to settle for something simply because we are bigger in size.

I looked through pages of trousers and jeans, and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I ordered two pair, just in case they did not fit me good. I wanted to order so much more that first visit! When they were delivered, free of charge, I was so happy to finally try on a pair of jeans that flatter my figure instead of showing all the problem areas. I have not felt this beautiful in a very long time, and the sad part is that I made myself feel inferior. I will never feel that way again, and I feel so beautiful every day now that I have learned I am worthy of brand name designers too.

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Title: I Finally Have Jeans That Look Nice
Date Posted: November 22, 2014
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