I Guess I Am Going to Need to Get a Lawyer

Of course most of the time when you get a speeding ticket it is not that big of a deal, but this one is. They caught me on the day I really had to be some place. I had about ten minutes to make it some place and I only could do it by speeding about thirty five miles over the speed limit. I need to find a lawyer in Dallas TX who can some way or another get me out of this, or far more likely get them to reduce the charges to one where they are not going to suspend my license. That is what is going to happen if I do not fight this and get them to do something else. Of course if the police officer had written me up for a bit less I would not have any problem. I would just pay off the ticket and the court costs and that would be it. Obviously it would be on my driving record and they would probably raise my car insurance, but it would not be a total catastrophe.

I am thinking that this is probably going to be 30 days without my license. That would probably mean that I could not do my job for that length of time. It is not like I am professional driver, but my job requires me to drive from one place to another on a nearly daily basis. If it was just going to work and back I could manage that for a month or even longer if that was what it had to be. Of course I could also just take my chances and drive without a license. It would be a real risk, but they would not fire me from my job if I did that.

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Title: I Guess I Am Going to Need to Get a Lawyer
Date Posted: January 16, 2015
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