I Had a Leak in My Air Conditioner

When my air conditioner would not turn on, I knew that I had to find an aircon service in Singapore quickly. I called a few that were close to me, but none of them could come out that same day. One even told me that it would be at least a week before they could come out because of how swamped they were. I could understand that, but I was not willing to wait that long. It was actually a matter of not being able to wait that long, because it was just too hot.

I talked to my neighbor who told me to try Great Aircon in Singapore. I wasn’t sure they would travel where I was, but I figured it could not hurt. I called them, and I was very happy when they told me that they travel all over to service air conditioners. They told me that they could have someone at my house the next morning, and I was so relieved. That sounded a lot better than having to wait an entire week. The ironic part is that they are the furthest away, yet they are so well staffed that they are able to help me quicker than the aircon companies that are close to my house.

When the tech came the next morning, it was actually a very simple fix. The tech told me that there was a leak in the system, and he was able to repair it. He also refilled it with freon, and it came on quickly after that. Since he was there, he told me that he could also clean several parts that would make it run even better. By the time he left, my air conditioner was working better than it ever has in the past! If I ever need help again, they are the company I am calling.

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Title: I Had a Leak in My Air Conditioner
Date Posted: February 21, 2015
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