My Furnace Was Making Noises

My father raised all of his kids to be independent. This meant that we were often prepared for whatever life threw at us, and I have always been thankful that he taught us the way he did. That means I always check my heating and cooling units well before I will need them. I do not want to be left with a surprise on the hottest or coldest days of the year. When I checked my furnace about a month ago, I called a heating contractor in Essex County NJ because it was making noises that I did not feel comfortable with.

I have always maintained it in the past by making sure it was clean and had regular maintenance checks along with replacing the filter when it needed to be done. This was the first time I had heard that noise though, so I wanted it checked before winter arrived. I was able to have a heating contractor come out the same week, and he gave my furnace a complete look over. That is when he discovered that there were some parts failing on it. What I liked about this company is that they were able to fix those problems right there on the spot because they had the parts in their truck.

I also liked that they did not try to sell me a new furnace. I know that I will need a new one one day, but I also knew that day was not anytime soon, barring any major malfunctions. I just wanted my furnace fixed without any sales gimmicks, and I wanted it done at a fair price. I was able to get that and much more, which is the reason this is the only company I will use in the future when I have any kind of heating or cooling issues.

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Title: My Furnace Was Making Noises
Date Posted: November 20, 2014
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