My New Goal is to Lose Weight for Good

I had been putting off seeing a doctor for many years. I was being lazy about my health, and I also felt that I would rather not know if there was anything wrong with me. I finally made an appointment when I found myself feeling unwell for several months, and the doctor did some tests and told me what was wrong. He also pointed out that I need to lose weight if I want to have a long life. He said that I need to start shopping in the organic shops in Singapore if I want to stay away from the chemicals in foods that causes your body to hang on to extra weight as well.

I can admit that I put on some extra pounds, but I did not see myself as obese. My Dr. said that I just tipped over into the obese category, and staying there could cause heart problems and so much more. He also said that I am pre-diabetic. That really got me to wake up and see that I was fooling myself. I want to live for my children, and the only way to try to increase my chances of being around when they are adults is by losing weight, exercising and eating better foods.

I visited a shop that sells organic foods and told them I was interested in replacing my high-fat breakfast meal with healthy smoothies. I had one at a restaurant once, and I loved the taste. I just did not know which fruits would be best to purchase. The female employee I spoke with said that you can also put veggies in smoothies as well. She said some people like raw spinach or even kale in theirs. I left the shop with a bundle of spinach and a few different fruits to try. My new diet starts today.

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Title: My New Goal is to Lose Weight for Good
Date Posted: September 4, 2015
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