Reducing the Size of Your Butt

I want to get a smaller butt, because it is one thing that has always bothered me about my body. I know that guys like a bubble butt, or whatever they call it, but my butt just looks disproportionately sized to the rest of my body and that makes me look weird, at least in my eyes. It is not like I am rolling in compliments from women either though. I am checking out a bottom slim product right now to see if it is something that could help me out with my problem.

I really want to look good this summer at the beach. I live nearby to the beach, and I think that i have just enough time to get slimmed down and make my body into the type and size that I want it to be. But anyway, if I do not start now, then I doubt I will have enough time, and then I will be sad. I get depressed easy when it comes to my body and the way that I feel about my body. It is probably not good to be vulnerable to depression in this way, but if it is was easy to not do it, then I am sure I would feel differently.

I used to struggle with depression in much worse ways when I was a teenager, but I do not want to get into that, because it brings up memories that are best left in the past. Plus, if I started crying right now, then it would totally ruin my make up. I just put on my make up and I do not want to have to do it again, because it takes me too long to o that in the first place. I suppose I am just going to buy this product.

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Title: Reducing the Size of Your Butt
Date Posted: January 19, 2015
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