Texas Year Round Warmth Sure Beats the Northern Winters We Used to Endure

We moved down to Galveston, Texas a couple of years ago. To say we were a couple of neophytes is an understatement. They do things differently in Texas. I’m eating barbecue that tastes a whole lot better than what my neighbors thought passed for barbecue back where we came from And driving an hour to work is not a big deal here. Driving to a spot halfway across the state is like taking a trip out of the country. Texas is a really big place. My neighbors are nice and even told us how to find out more about saving on our electric bill. Why is that important? Well, I did not even know my neighbors back where we come from.

I have spent more time outside in the first three months of living here than I did the whole year at our old place. Being warm in the winter is a whole lot better than dealing with commuting to work in the snow. The hot summers feel good on my old bones too. Granted, we got to talking about electricity bills with the neighbors in the first place because of the cost to air condition the house, but since we did find out more about saving on electricity in Galveston, we cut our bill way back. I can take the heat outside, but inside is a different story. I don’t like it feeling sticky indoors, and the humidity can do that unless you got a good AC system that you let run when it is hot.

We don’t keep it cold in the house; we just keep it cool with the humidity low. I sleep the best with a lower humidity. Outdoors I can manage if it is humid or dry as long as it is warm. We moved here because the northern winters were just too much for us. There are many months of winter where we are from with short summers. Here we have a month or so where it is really hot, but the rest of the year is just great. Good trade off. Better food too.

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Title: Texas Year Round Warmth Sure Beats the Northern Winters We Used to Endure
Date Posted: May 19, 2015
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