What is Spindle Cell Sarcoma

spindlecellsarcomaHave you ever heard about Spindle Cell Sarcoma but you don’t know what that means? Well, it is a type of cancer which affects the connective tissues of the body. Almost any of the connective tissues of the body, which means even stomach, lungs and muscles can be affected by this type of cancer. The spindle cell in its name is based on the shape that the cells appear in when they are viewed through a microscope.

As in almost any type of cancer, in the Spindle Cell Sarcoma the treatments may vary depending on the size of the tumor, the progression of the disease and also on the overall health of the patient at the time of this diagnosis. In most cases, this disease presents itself with a tumor. This disease can be found during a routine checkup, at an exam for another illness or through certain symptoms that appear and send the patient to an X-ray exam or to a sonogram.

The symptoms of Spindle Cell Sarcoma can vary depending on the area affected by it, but the symptoms usually include fatigue and also a general feeling of malaise, which both are very common symptoms in most types of cancer. The diagnosis is usually made after a biopsy is completed. After this diagnosis is given, the patients are advised of their options.

The treatments can differ depending on the stage of cancer. In most of the cases, the tumor can and will be removed, as long as it is not present in an inoperable area. After the surgery of removing the tumor, the patient needs to follow chemotherapy, radiation, or even a combination of these two, in order to slow down or even stop the development of new cancer cells.

There are four stages of cancer. Stage one is the first stage, in which the cancer cells have not moved outside an isolated area. Stage one is the easiest to treat stage of cancer. Stage four is the last stage, in which the cancer cells have moved to various other locations of the patient’s body. Stage four is the most difficult stage to treat.

Usually, the Spindle Cell Sarcoma is not caught in its earliest stages, which makes the overall survival rate be less than five years starting with the date of cancer detection. This type of cancer is usually only detected after it has spread, as the symptoms can vary and be confused with other illnesses. In order to get the chance to detect this type of cancer in its early stages, it is important that patients seek for medical counsel as soon as they feel any unusual symptoms.

Spindle Cell Sarcoma is one of the rarest forms of cancer. Only a few studies were done on this form, related to the other forms of cancer, which are more frequently met. People can try to prevent this form of cancer by maintaining a healthy weight, having annual visits to doctor, visiting the doctor as soon as unusual symptoms appear and avoid smoking, as well as secondhand smoking.

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