When Success Falls in Your Lap

Finding plenty of free Instagram followers is easy enough if you’re willing to go out there and work for it! I’ve been using Instagram for a couple of years now with some serious success for me and my business. I have been able to gain a ton of profit thanks to the work that I’ve put into Instagram but I admit that I wouldn’t have found that early success if I didn’t use a third party service which hooked me up with an awesome network of users that were able to give me the support and the numbers that I needed to make an impression.

That’s all social networking is about. Impressions. When you come across a piece of content that has thousands of likes your brain instantly registers that the content is popular in some way, whether you like it or not. It’s the kind of content you’ll expect to see cross the social media barriers and appear on different platforms: the very definition of something going ‘viral’. This means that in order to gain recognition and success as a social media user you have to engage the public throughout the social media meta-platform by using them all!

It’s a huge amount of work and a serious time investment. You have to be a naturally social type of individual to even want to do something like this so if making content of any sort and sharing it with the public is your idea of fun, go for it. You might surprise yourself with your own success: I did! I had no plans to earn money from the pictures that I take but now that I find myself in this position I’m hardly going to be the one to say no to it. That would just be an absurd notion.

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Title: When Success Falls in Your Lap
Date Posted: December 8, 2014
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Category: General