Working on Starting Up a Business

I have been thinking about how best to get started on a small business and what is the best way to market a new business. I have been thinking that the best thing would be to blanket the nearby postal addresses with ads. I guess you would call it junk mail, but I obviously need to make the offer sweet enough that people will not be offend. I have been checking out this web page and trying to figure out what it would cost to mail out a large number of cheap post cards to every residential address within a certain distance of the location I have chosen. Obviously in the business that I have decided to try you are not going to be getting customers from the far side of the world. You are going to be serving people who live within a very short drive of where you set up shop. The big thing is going to be figuring out how to get those potential customers to come in the shop and see what you have in stock. So I am going to figure out what I can afford to do in the way of a really irresistible offer. I am not quite sure what that is going to be just get at a good enough discount to make people want to come and shop with me. It is going to have to make sense for me and that means I am going to have find something people will want at a price they will not be able to say no to. Obviously this is going to require some sensible calculations on my part. The marketing is going to make it necessary for me to spend a certain sum of money to get the result that I really need.

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Title: Working on Starting Up a Business
Date Posted: November 18, 2015
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